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The Old King’s Cricket Club has an active membership and each year play the School on Commemoration Day. The fixture is fiercely contested in particular for recent Alumni who face previous teammates. The OK side is traditionally captained by the former 1st XI skipper. Although the Club does not formally enter a league, as the majority of players play for established clubs throughout Surrey, the fixture against the School brings generations together. The format of the fixture has evolved with the changing times of cricket with coloured clothing and balls.

An additional Twenty/20 fixture is being considered.

The Club is always looking for OKs to play so please do get in touch. If attending Commemoration Day ensure you walk past the pavilion and join the club for lunch or tea and reminisce at the centurions board.

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18 Vardens Road, London SW11 1RH
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Old King's Club Cricket

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2022 Lords Cricket

Lord’s Cricket

May 21, 2022

Through the energies and organising skills of David Holland and Bill Bellenger, and after a 2-year pandemic enforced break, 18 Old King’s Club cricketers and former staff were entertained to a day of cricket and reminiscence at Lord’s on Friday, May 21st 2022.

From left to right:

Jeremy Hein (OK 1962), Dr Bill Bellenger (1966), Bernie Kingston (1966), Christopher Day (former JS Staff), Geoffrey Silman (OK 1966), Dr Alastair Cook (OK 1968) & Steve Buchanan (OK 1967).

Others present were:

David Holland (O 1966), Nigel Robson (OK 1964), Andrew Lang (former master i/c cricket at King’s), John Spalton (OK 1969), Peter Grant (OK 1962), Kelvin Walton (OK 1964), Clive Barnett (OK 1967), Mark Taylor (OK 1972), Stewart Holton (OK 1972), Dudley Owen-Thomas (OK 1967), Tony Hein (1960 and former master i/c JS cricket).

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Cricket: 1960s OKs at Lord's

September 1, 2014

David Holland (OK 1966) was able to arrange a box at Lord’s for the second day of the Middlesex versus Warwickshire match on September 1st. 18 members of the Club, nearly all members of 1960 school cricket teams, attended and enjoyed a day of food, drink and reminiscense. The fact that there was 20 minutes of cricket because of poor weather was not a major incovenience.

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OKC beat KCS at Cricket

Cricket: OKC beat KCS 1st XI

June 15, 2014

Congratulations to the Old King’s Club team which beat the School’s 1st XI 242-131 on June 15th. The Head Master came along to wish everyone well at the start of the 40-over match and the Old King’s Club’s Chairman was there to witness the final wicket.

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