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The Old King’s Golf Club is an active and thriving society, which meets 7 or more times a year at various clubs around London and Surrey e.g. Royal Wimbledon and Malden. OK golfers of all handicaps and ages are welcomed. It organises a number of matches during the year against Old Boys from other schools, which are played off handicap in teams of 10 and are hotly contested but are also great fun. Each year we compete in the Surrey Schools Old Boys Golf competition played against teams from twelve Surrey Schools, which we won in 2011.

In addition the Club is represented at a scratch level in the Grafton Morrish Tournament – the National Tournament for nearly 120 schools. We field a team of six players in a qualifying event in the spring. The top 48 schools then go through to the National Finals, held each year at Hunstanton and Royal West Norfolk in the autumn.

In 2013 the Club was represented in the Varsity Match at Royal St George’s G C, Sandwich by three players (see photo): Matt Reynolds and Alex Gems, Secretary and Captain of Oxford University G C and Alex Silver, Captain of Cambridge U G C.

The Old King’s Golf Club aims to stimulate golfing interest at all standards of golf and would be delighted to welcome you.

Graham Cox
1 Denefield Close, Marple Bridge, Cheshire SK6 5EU
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Roya Wimbledon Golf Club

Golf: victory over Old Kingstonians

September 19, 2017

The Old King’s Club won its annual friendly golf match on 19 September by 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 on a cool but sunny day, with the greens and fairways looking as ever in excellent condition at Royal Wimbledon GC. This means the OKC has won this match every year since the fixture was inaugurated and our name appears on the Claret jug for every year since 2013, when the trophy was first presented.

Individual results were as follows:

Peter Taylor and Giles Fallowfield v Richard Major and Adrian Koertzen – Won by 1 hole
– after 14 holes we were 3 down, but an excellent last four holes by Giles saw us nick the result on the 18th.

Ian Hay and Lance Condon v Andrew Lodge and Richard Wickerson – Won 4 and 3.

Jonathan Howitt and Jonathan Poole v Gordon House and AN Other – Lost 4 and 3.

Andrew Copeman and Peter Messent v Paul Healey and John Elvidge – Halved.

Fred Grover and Will Starrit v Roy Bray and Graham Cox (KGS, not KCS!) – Won 2 and 1.

Captain Richard Major duly presented us with the trophy, and Peter Taylor will engrave it for next year. We also invited OKs to be our guests at a similar time in 2018.

A moment’s silence was held for for Roy Haslehurst, the previous Old Kingstonians captain, who sadly died from a heart attack last week.

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Royal Wimbledon Golf Club

Golf: victory over Old Cranleighans

July 26, 2017

A close fought match, with all of the matches going to the 18th hole, between KCS Old Boys and Old Cranleighan golfers resulted in a win for KCS Old Boys by 2 and half matches to one and half. The match was four ball better ball format, the OKC winning pairs were Giles Fallowfield and David Cross, Scott Lloyd and Jonathan Poole. This annual match was played on Wednesday 26th August at the Royal Wimbledon Golf Club with excellent sandwiches to follow. The next match is on Thursday 24th August against Old Tiffinians. Chris Diacon would be pleased to hear from former pupils who would like to play in future matches.

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OKC Golf 2017 - Surrey Schools Golf Societies Festival

2017 Surrey Schools Golf Societies Festival

June 30, 2017

This year’s competition was played at Bramley Golf Club and for the first time it had a Shot-gun start, which worked very well indeed. There were 60 players playing in 20 three balls so there were two groups at each of the two par five holes. One group started five minutes before the Klaxon (Shot Gun) so that they had played their second shots as the Klaxon sounded and the other group could drive off without delay. At no time during the round did we have to wait for the group in front of us nor did the group behind us have to wait for us.

For several of our team, this was the first time that we had played at this course, which was our excuse for not scoring terribly well. We could not actually blame the course because it was in fine condition with excellent greens, good lies on the fairways but quite a lot of bunkers, which was, in part, my personal downfall.

At the end of the round there were naturally a lot of golfers heading for the clubhouse and changing rooms. As luck would have it we were fairly close by and quickly dived into the showers then got out of the way for the others. On arrival in the bar we were greeted with the news that the first drink was already paid for by one of the organising team, who is a member at the club, and there was wine already on each table. Thank you very much indeed.

The winning team were the Old Reedonians, who were making their first appearance at the competition, and scored 165 points from their best five players. This is of course equivalent to 33 points from each, which is a very good and consistent score. The runners up were the Old Hinchleyans just one point behind on 164. Our best score was David Cross with 32points, Philip Gregory got 31 points and Micky King came in with 29. The rest of us, Jonathan Howitt, Richard Burgess and myself, all managed a disappointing 26 points and Neil Lovett had a game to forget.

Graham Cox

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Golf: OKC v Old Paulines

June 13, 2017

The annual Old King’s Club Golf Society meeting with Old Paulines took place on Tuesday 13th June at Kingswood Golf and Country Club in glorious weather, with the course in great condition.

Unfortunately, the OKC could not match the conditions with a win, losing eventually by 1.5 to 3.5.

Individual results were as follows:

Paul Druckman and John Tiller – Lost 4 and 2
Jonathon Howitt and John Oliver – Lost 5 and 4
Philip Gregory and Micky King – Lost 3 and 2
Giles Fallowfield and Richard Burgess – Halved
Peter Taylor and Fred Grover – Won 5 and 3

Despite the loss the match was played in excellent spirit, and a very sociable hour spent in the clubhouse with post match refreshments.  As an aside, Giles Fallowfield had  attended a Champagne tasting event prior to his arrival on the first tee.   However, despite having taken several sips and then admitting to swallowing the sips, he and Richard  nevertheless managed a creditable half.

It was most welcoming to see John Tiller, Jonathan Howitt, John Oliver and Philip Gregory playing in a friendly match for the first time, and we look forward to many more appearances from them.

Appropriate post match speeches were made by both captains, and an invitation extended to Old Paulines for the next match at Royal Wimbledon GC in June 2018.  The opposing captain, Robert Silverstone, was thanked for his organisation on the day, as the host member at Kingswood, and the subject of a suitable trophy for the annual event was agreed on.  Robert kindly agreed to do the research.

We now look forward to the next friendly match against Old Whitgiftians at Royal Wimbledon Golf Club on Monday 3rd July.

The search for a new source of playing shirts continues.

Peter Taylor

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Surrey Downs Golf Club

Triangular Golf Match

April 11, 2017

The first match of 2017 was the Triangular Match against our old foes Kingston Grammar School OB’s and Raynes Park Former Pupils at Surrey Downs GC on 11th April. We had a very strong team of ten players with three 12 handicappers, a 13, two 15’s, a 17, two 18’s and a 19.

The Old King’s Club scoring was very good – our best player being Richard Burgess (OK 1965), who played consistently with 20 points out and the same back (total 40). Two of the KGS players also scored 40 points but one scored 19 out and 21 back so just edged Richard Burgess on countback and took home the Martin Fielding Memorial Cup.

The longest drive competition was divided into two parts and Neil Price (OK 1969) won the 0-18 handicap prize and Micky King (OK 1959) won the 19+ handicap prize. The team prize for the best five scores resulted in a tie between ourselves and the KGS team both with 183 points. To decide on a winner for the Raynes Park Cup, the organiser took into consideration the next three scores and our strength in depth meant that we were the overall winners by a good margin.

The Old King’s Club’s final scores were Richard Burgess (OK 1965) 40, Andrew Copeman (OK 1968) and Lance Condon (OK 1969) 37, Fred Grover (OK 1974) 36, Neil Price (OK 1969), Micky King (OK 1959) and myself 33, Chris Diacon (OK 1967) 31 and Jonathan Howitt (OK 1978) and Philip Gregory (OK 1972) completed the team with very respectable 28 points.

Graham Cox, April 2017

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Royal Wimbledon Golf Club

Golf: Win over Kingston Grammar

September 20, 2016

The Old King’s Club team was able to complete its successful season by beating the KGS Golf Society at Royal Wimbledon GC on 20th September by 4 -1. Chris Gems and Neil Price found that they were 3 down with 6 to play. By pulling themselves together, they managed to play some determined golf over the closing holes and halved the match. Nick Smith and Lars McBride also halved their match.

Ian Hay and Scott Lloyd won their match by 3 & 2 – Ian was heard to say that ‘Scott played to 1 over gross, I had a nice walk and the weather was nice’. Gordon McGinn and Will Starritt had a very close game going onto the last all hole all square.

They won with Gordon’s putt on the 18th. I played with Howard Lickens, who doesn’t bother with any woods, but when you can hit a 3 iron with a bit of draw 230 yds. who needs a driver. The first 9 holes were very even with us 1 up then Howard, with a small amount of help from me, won the next 4 holes to be dormy 5. We halved the14th to complete the win 5 & 4.

As usual, the games were played in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere but also with a determination to win.

Graham Cox

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