2021 Annual General Meeting

Saturday 30th January 2021       (11:30 - 12:30)


1. Minutes of the AGM held on 25th January 2020 – DOWNLOAD

2. To receive a report from the Honorary Secretary of the Old King’s Club.

3. To receive and approve the Club’s accounts to 31st August 2020 – DOWNLOAD

4. To receive the report of the Benevolent Fund, including accounts for the year ended 4th April 2020.

t5. To elect the Trustees of the Benevolent Fund and approve the Officers and members of the Management Board of the Fund.

6. To elect: Officers, Committee Members, and Honorary Members.

7. To consider any other resolution submitted within the Rules.

8. Any other business, notice of which shall have been submitted to the Chairman prior to the meeting.

Nominations for Officers and Committee Members should have reached the Honorary Secretary by 31st December 2020, duly proposed and seconded in writing, together with the written consent of the nominee. Resolutions for submission under item 8 of the Agenda should also be given to the Honorary Secretary, in writing, by 31st December 2020.

Due to Covid-19, the meeting can’t be held at the school
Email RSVP@oldkingsclub.org.uk for a Zoom link


King's College School
2021 Annual General Meeting