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D'Abernon Cup final 2013

OKC Tennis Team Wins the D’Abernon Cup

September 16, 2013

The OKC tennis team managed to successfully retain the D’Abernon Cup for the 3rd year in a row.
The D’Abernon Cup is the annual competition of the Public Schools Old Boys’ Lawn Tennis Association (est. 1929).
Unlike last year when we had all sorts of injury and non-availability problems we were able to play the same team of Blake Hutchins/Stephen Morris and Chris Clark/James Mustoe in both the 1/4 final and 1/2 final rounds where we beat Old Georgians and Old Bromsgrovians respectively. Both these matches produced convincing wins against strong opposition, the 1/2 final win over Old Bromsgrovians being particularly satisfying as we had lost to the same players in the final a couple of years earlier. The final was due to be played on the grass courts at The All England Club but unfortunately as has been the case for the last couple of years the weather meant the grass courts were not playable and we had to move to the indoor courts. Our opponents in the final, which is a 3 pair match, were UCSOB and we were able to field the 4 players who had got us there plus Peter Dowdeswell and Scott Lloyd. Unfortunately UCS were missing a couple of players and whilst that would not have affected the end result it might have made some of the matches a bit closer, in the end we won 6-0 and so the 3rd round was not played.
My thanks to those who played for us and also to those other players who made themselves available but who were not able to be selected. With the final of the D’Abernon Cup competition the OKC tennis season closes down until we start the campaign to hopefully retain the cuo in 2014

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OKC Football Off to a Flyer!

The KCS Old Boy’s Football Club kicked off the 2013/2014 season in style, with comprehensive wins for both the 1st and 2nd XI in their opening fixtures.

The 1st XI travelled to Old Bradfieldians, where they ran out 7 – 1 winners against a team that has only lost one game since last October! The 2nd XI entertained Old Wykehamsits 2nd’s, and also ran out easy winners by a comfortable 4 goal margin (4 – 0). With both teams chasing promotion this year, it was the perfect start and has left everyone full of optimism for the season ahead. Training starts this Monday (16th) at Raynes Park High astros between 7:30 and 9:30pm. If you are interested in finding out more or getting involved, then please come on down.

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OKC Drinks Party

September 13, 2013

Some 60 members of the OKC gathered in the Canning Room at the historic Naval and Military Club (the “In & Out”) for drinks on the evening of Friday 13 September 2013. OKC members ranged in age from a 1949 leaver to several 2011 leavers. One member said this was his first contact with the KCS community in over 50 years!

It is the plan that this should be the first of a series of such events to take place in London’s Club Land.

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KCS Lodge of Instruction

September 10, 2013

Due to an influx of new members, KCS Lodge now holds frequent “Lodges of Instruction” in addition to its regular meetings. These are informal get-togethers, often in a local pub, where members can practice ceremonies and hold informative lectures followed by a drink and a chat. On 10 September 2013, some 25 members and guests (male and female) enjoyed a lecture by experienced Mason Chris Rashbrook (OK 1956) on the history of Freemasonry.

The Lodge of Instruction Secretary is Paul Mansell (OK 1983).

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OKC Rebranding

September 9, 2013

The Old King’s Club has undergone a rebranding exercise to bring it up to date whilst emphasising its links with the past. This website will function as the flagship means of communication with Club Members.

This excercise comes in the wake of the School’s rebranding, which saw the introduction of a new lion logo in place of the original crown and lion crest. The Club has decided to continue using the coat of arms, including the crown and lion, which derive from the foundation of King’s College London in 1829.

The re-launched website will form the backbone of the revitalised Club, with news and events being added by representatives of each accredited activity through the year.

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Christopher Bishop Obituary

February 28, 2013

Christopher James Gladstone Bishop died on 28th February 2013 of heart failure in Chesterfield, where he had lived and taught for 45 years. He was still preaching and teaching over the weekend just three days before his death, which came quite suddenly and unexpectedly.

Chris had a health problem from an early age, so when he joined King’s Senior School from Rokeby in September 1949 he did not participate in games or the Corps. Joining a group already well established from Junior School days, Chris was quite quiet and retiring, but also fairly tall, with a deep voice, and a steady and friendly seriousness; he soon made friends and was well respected. He was a hard working and intelligent student, and in 1954 he won an Exhibition in Classics at Jesus College, Cambridge.

In that era an organisation known then as the Crusaders Union (it would be a problematic title today!) ran a widespread group of Bible based interdenominational services for teenage boys for an hour on Sunday afternoons, and many King’s boys attended them. Chris and I were two of four contemporaries who spring to mind who were members of the Wimbledon Crusader class, where Gerald Askew (OK 1943) was the youngest of four leaders, and it was through the Crusaders that Chris came to the Christian faith, which became the mainspring of his life.

After graduation at Cambridge and a PGCE teacher training year at Leeds, he taught Classics at Westminster City School and became head of department. In 1967 he married Christine, they moved to Chesterfield, and soon were the parents of Rebecca and Philippa. Chris joined the staff of Staveley Netherthorpe grammar school and taught Latin to ‘A’ Level, and he continued there when the school became comprehensive, teaching Classical Civilisation right through the ability range until his retirement as senior master in 1998.

On moving, Chris continued with Crusaders, teaching in the Chesterfield class, and he and Christine were very active in Holy Trinity church. He became a lay-reader, run the Sunday school with over 100 children each Sunday (“not like today”, Christine comments) and helped with the “Pathfinder” group (teenagers up to 18). From 1988 Chris and Christine changed the centre of their Christian work to a “house church” meeting in the village hall of Holmesfield, about six miles from Chesterfield. Chris is much missed by this active fellowship as he came to be looked upon as their unofficial pastor.

Chris’s hobby from early days was all things to do with transport, especially railway carriages. In retirement he spent many happy hours researching their history from the LNER Society, and had become the leading authority on this subject, leaving to the Society seven volumes of this work.

Within the constraints his health allowed, Chris served faithfully where he saw the greater need, and was much loved by his friends, family and very many of those taught.

John Chick (OK 1954), with much help from Mrs. Christine Bishop

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