1884 Boat Club victorious

The annual Old King’s Club (1884 BC) vs School (KCSBC) race took place as part of KCSBC’s Festive Races. A mixed line up was assembled to take on the school 1st VIII including drilled athletes from top university rowing squads and recent leavers who have perhaps been enjoying their gap years a little too much. Despite minimal preparation time, the 1884 crew started fast and hard, moving steadily out to a third of a length lead in the first half of the race. The schoolboys’ superior fitness kicked in and they soon stopped the rot. Fortunately, the finish line came quickly in the short sprint race and 1884 ran out strong 1/3 of a length winners for the first time in 4 years.


1: Ludo Bonnefous (OK 2015)
2: Will Kinsella (OK 2015)
3: William Doran (OK 2013)
4: Will Nelson (OK 2015)
5: Ben Norbury (OK 2014)
6: Will Horrocks (OK 2011)
7: Ollie Hines (OK 2013)
8: Charlie Middleton (OK 2013)

Text: Jack Elkington (OK 2012)
Photo: Peter Crawshaw