Netball: Club v. School

It was so lovely to see girls from most of the years who have left the school return to play in the annual tournament. The standard was extremely high and it was a very competitive event. The Old King’s girls were able to field three strong teams and took part in a round robin event. The day was won by the current King’s College School 1st VII with the 2016 OKs coming runners-up. It was a fantastic event and we look forward to more girls returning next year. Thanks go to the school for supporting this event, it was very much appreciated.

Nicola Edwards, Head of Girls’ Games, KCS

Netball: OKC & KCS tournament

On Saturday 7th January a netball tournament was held where three teams of OKC girls competed alongside three school teams.

We had over 25 OKC girls from all cohorts that have left the school. The standard of netball was very high considering the weather conditions and that some of the girls had not played together for some years. The event was highly competitive and it was fantastic to see the girls return back to school. Many of the girls couldn’t believe the changes and additions to the buildings, the quadrangle and the netball courts. The 2013 leavers came runners-up of the tournament (they had their whole original 1st team) narrowly losing out to the current 1st VII on points. This will become an annual event being held on the first Saturday in January.

Nicola Edwards, Head of Girls’ Games, KCS


An exciting first ever match between the 1st VII and our old girls took place this Thursday and the 1st team won in battling style, reaching a final score of 19-12.
The OK team made up of girls who left King’s this summer fought brilliantly to keep our team on their toes.
This was the first King’s alumni competition to involve girls and both teams were determined. We look forward to the OKC girls hockey match later in the year.

Emma Hardy (OKC Captain)