Golf: 2-2 Tie v Old Paulines

Some days were just made for a game of golf and 4th June was one such day with bright sunshine, a perfect blue sky and a light breeze. Coincidentally that was the day for our match against the St. Pauls Old Boys (known to everyone as the Old Paulines). The plan was for two teams of ten players but we all know what happens to the ‘best-laid plans of mice and men…’

On the day we had seven players and the OP’s had nine so one of theirs played for us – not ideal but a decent compromise. The venue was Kingswood GC where the changing rooms are like a five star hotel (not that I frequent such places you understand) and the course was in excellent condition.

Phil Wilkins and Howard Lickens felt that they enjoyed their match a little more than their opponents, or at least one of them, who started muttering after about 12 holes and his mood got darker as the match went on. Phil admits that striking him on the back of the leg with a rather over enthusiastic chip out of the trees did nothing to improve his mood. Phil would have shouted ‘fore’ if he had thought his ball would get anywhere near to reaching him! He and Howard won their match.

Neil Price and Peter Taylor had a most enjoyable afternoon but lost 4 and 2 to a couple who dovetailed well as partners. One of them complained that he had played only a few times in the last year due to injury but he managed to make up for any mistakes by his partner. Although Neil and Peter occasionally played well they were unable to match their opponents’ consistency.

Chris Diacon and his OP partner also had a most enjoyable afternoon but came up against one of their opponents, who was on fire and scored 16 stableford points on the first six holes. Chris and partner did extremely well to be only one down at the turn. On the back nine the other opponent came more into the game and they ended up beating Chris by 3 & 2.

I played with Peter Grant against a retired surgeon and a retired accountant. Our game was played in very good spirit, particularly on our side, since Peter played the early holes well and got us 2 up. Our lead fluctuated a little but we managed to stay ahead and were still 2 up at the turn. Whenever one of us played a poor tee shot the other played a good one so we both felt that we had contributed. A birdie at the 14th put us 3 up and the final result was a win for us by 3 & 2.

A 2 – 2 tie seemed a fair result on the day and we shall all look forward to our match against the OP’s next year. The Surrey Schools’ Golf Societies’ Festival is on 19th June at Clandon Regis, where we have a team of six competing for the shield.

Graham Cox 12th June 2015