Golf: 150 holes in a day!

Ajay Patel (OK 1995), Captain of the Old King’s Club Grafton Morrish team has just completed a remarkable Marathon.

To celebrate the origins of the Royal Wimbledon Golf Club 150 years ago Ajay (handicap +1) with his fellow RWGC member, Mark Booker (handicap + 2) played 150 holes of a golf in a single day, starting at 4.06 am and finishing seventeen and a half hours later.

In playing their eight rounds and six holes they walked 60 kilometres, playing a truly remarkable standard of golf. Ajay did not lose a ball whilst Mark lost two! Between them they birdied 15 holes and eagled one. Ajay’s gross score for the 150 holes was 619 shots, whilst Mark took 2 shots fewer. With the standard scratch score for Royal Wimbledon being 71, between them they managed 6 rounds of 71 or better!

As they completed their epic journey two facts shone out: 1). the pace at which they were playing , with even their last round taking little more than two hours; 2). the quality of their ball striking and the lovely slow tempo of their swings which they maintained throughout the day – truly a lesson to all golfers.

Micky King (OK 1959), President