Golf: Loss Against Champions

A squad of 9 players went to Norfolk to represent the Old King’s Club in the final rounds of the Graftom Morrish competition. All had a handicap of 4 or below.

The first round was against Brighton, which produced a comfortable win of 2.5-0.5

1.Rea/Fordyce – halved
2. Crowther/Gems – won 3/2
3. Patel/Brown – won 4/3

The next round was against Charterhouse, which had won against Eton in the first round. Chartreuse won 2.5-0.5 and went on to win the trophy.

1. Patel/Brown – lost 5/4
2. Crowther/Gems – halved
3. Rea/Clark – lost 4/3

A strong Old King’s Club team should produce some good results in coming years.