Golf: Win Against Old Paulines

KCSOB continued their winning run of friendly golf matches, with a 4-1 home win against Old Paulines at Royal Wimbledon GC on Tuesday 7th June.

The 3pm first tee time was delayed until 3.30 pm, due to the thunderstorms in the London area. Management at RWGC were reluctant even then to get us started, but, as it turned out, the weather slowly cleared during the late afternoon, allowing us to play in warm and humid conditions with a rather late finish. However, the playing company was good, and the usual post match social in the Royal Wimbledon clubhouse was much appreciated by everybody. The course was in the usual excellent condition, and the OKC members hosting us all should be thanked for their hospitality.

Individual match results went as follows (KCS team listed first):

Scott Lloyd and Ian Hay vs. Chris Vallender and Dick Vollmer – Won 8 and 7
Gordon McGinn and Neil Lovett vs. John Woodcock and Toby Bain – Won 4 and 3
Peter Taylor (Captain) and Alan Copeman vs. Rob Smith and Robert Silverstone (OP Captain) – Won 2 and 1
Fred Grover and David Cross vs. Laurence Harris and Ian Starr – Won 2 and 1
Micky King and Will Starritt vs. Brian Lowe and John Cooper – Lost 4 and 3

Andrew Copeman and Will Starritt were playing in their first fixture for the KCS team, and are welcome additions to our membership.. Hopefully they be playing more regularly in these friendly fixtures. These events are great fun, played in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, at a superb golf club.

The OKC Golf Society welcomes new members of all capabilities. For details of future events and fixtures contact Graham Cox at<> or Chris Diacon at<> or Peter Taylor at<>.

The next friendly fixture is at 3 pm on Monday July 4th against Old Whitgiftians at Royal Wimbledon GC”