Hockey: 3-0 Loss to School

On Monday 14th September some 2014 & 2015 Old Girls were welcomed back to the School to take on the newly formed 1st XI Hockey team. With new hockey players in the LVI, this hockey team demonstrated how much potential they actually have. With only two weeks of training done, the girls were ready to take on Hannah Blackman-Mack’s (OK 2014) Old Girls’ side. It was close in the first half with the Old King’s Club team putting up a strong fight but the second half the current girls found more space and moved the ball with pace which resulted in outstanding goals being scored from Tash Whitham, Poppy Hawkes and Lara von der Brelie. Player of the match was Elspeth Aylett for her excellent attacking play.
The Final score was 3-0 to King’s 1st XI. Player of the match for the Old King’s Club side was Cath Fleton in goal.