Eddie Casale (OK ex-staff) died November 16, 2022

An excerpt from the Old King’s Club Newsletter number 87 (October 1995)

“Eddie Casale, who retired at the end of the summer term, joined the School in 1965 as a teacher of Mathematics. His strong sense of community made him a natural choice as President of Common Room in 1990, and his leadership there has been warmly appreciated by everyone. Many will remember his Desert Island Discs interview with Sue Lawley during the 1993 Autumn Arts Festival. None of this, however, must detract from his successful leadership of the Mathematics Department 1976-90. In recent years, Eddie has been in charge of the school golf team and, over the years, has played a leading role in the coaching of hockey and cricket.”

Tributes from the King’s community:

“Very sad news. He was a brilliant maths master, who ignited my love for maths, which survives to this day.” (OK 1981)

“Eddie was my maths teacher and head of class for L.VI.C and U.VI.C when I was studying Maths A-levels – he was both an excellent teacher and a really nice chap, and his teaching set me on the road to working on NASA space telescope missions. I still use what I learnt from him every day in my work. Eddie’s legacy lives on both in my work and in the example I try to set to my own students”. (OK 1977)

“An institution of King’s, Eddie was a teacher to my father & uncle who I have made aware as they are less likely to see social media. From a personal perspective, I remember fondly my interactions with Eddie and his sons through their mutual love of & skill at hockey, where I was happy and lucky to spend many days playing with KCS and occasional ringer for KCSOB’s before graduating to that status, and at Wimbledon HC, where Eddie was also an instrumental actor. God bless Eddie on his journey to Elysium, and his family in their time of mourning his heartfelt loss. He was a kind and generous man. Rest in Peace. Yours indeed was a life remembered and well lived in service of others. I am sorry that living in Asia these days, I won’t be able to attend but am sure my kin will make every effort.” (OK 1999)

“He really was the most exceptional man and an incredible teacher. I was what you might call a middle of the road student, certainly in maths at O level, and then Eddie taught me A level maths. I couldn’t run to his lessons fast enough. Like virtually every other boy he taught, I got the highest mark, an A in those days, and ever since, very frequently, I think of him. I have had three careers and all of them have involved manipulating numbers in some way. I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it half as much had Eddie not switched me on to the beauty of maths.” (OK 1981)

“Eddie was a delight. As a pupil at Reeds, Eddie was always positive and encouraging. The greatest of smiles. His enthusiasm and good humour were simply inspirational. Eddie loved people and loved every element of his contribution to the life of KCS and The Wimbledon Club. My thoughts are with Jean and the boys and with all Eddie’s colleagues who surely will have loved him dearly. The memories will be strong, happy and sustaining.” (OK 1971)


Died in Guildford Royal Infirmary