Robert Edward Davis (OK 1956) died August 19, 2019

After leaving King’s, Mr Davis attended Ealing Technical College where he studied photography.  He went on to work for BOAC (air to air photography) for perhaps 3 years. In the late 1960s he moved to live in Barbados and set up a successful audiovisual business promoting Barbados worldwide.

In 2008, he retired and moved to Brantford, Ontario (his wife Bonnie is Canadian).  Sadly, he developed Alzheimer’s and died peacefully on 19 August 2019. His wife Bonnie survives him, and he leaves a son, James (from his first marriage), a daughter, Jenny (from his second marriage) and a grand-daughter, Selina.

He was the owner of a 1959 Twin Cam MG which he bought in 1963.  For 2  years, his son James (who lives in the UK) has been the owner and is raising money for Alzheimer’s at various festivals all over the country.

Obituary supplied by Janet Alcoe, Mr Davis’s sister.