Veronica Edwards (OK staff 1979 - 1999 ) died December 22, 2019

Veronica Edwards – Registrar and PA to the King’s College Junior School’s Headmaster, died suddenly at home on 22 December 2019, aged 80. Widow of His Honour Judge John BS Edwards and much loved mother of Robert, Philippa and Hatty, grandmother and friend to many.

Eliot Watkins Head of History King’s JS – Veronica Edwards was everything one would want in a Headmaster’s PA: blessed with a cut glass accent and an ability never to appear flustered, she supported both Colin Holloway and John Evans in running a tight and impressive ship. The School Office was very much the engine room of the whole Junior School but, when inhabited by Veronica and her close colleagues, Mavis Kennedy and Jennifer Mactavish, it also became the social hub. Rarely a day passed when one didn’t pop into that crampled space to be enlightened by one of V’s comments (usually with a Vatican 2 slant) or to be gently lashed by one of her splendidly dry asides.

She really was quite a remarkable person: one of the most popular people I have ever met, she was loved for her ability to see the humour in any situation, for her straightforward but passionate commitment to her Catholicism and for the way she could make and maintain so many close friendships. Her funeral was so moving and her family must have been thrilled to see the church overflowing with so many friends from different areas of her life, particularly the Roehampton Club and her choir. While there was an overwhelming sense of gratitude as we celebrated a life so well lived, there was also a rawness: she had left us far too early and there was still so much we all wanted to confide in her. At least, as her daughter Philippa put it in her eulogy, her sudden death meant Veronica was spared the indignity of becoming infirm and dependent on others: that she would have hated.

So we remember an extremely loyal servant of King’s and a devoted and loved member of the KCS community. I think it is absolutely fair to say we won’t see her like again: those gifts of style, grace, charm, wit and commitment are so rarely bestowed all on to  just one person.

Tony Hein, former Assistant Junior School Headmaster – Veronica was a very stable and solid support both to Headmasters and to me. She was firm and fair with both boys and staff. I managed a large number of Junior School ski trips and Veronica, who was a far classier and more knowledgeable skier that any of us, was always a calm and supportive lieutenant. I was always impressed how she bore the shock and sadness of losing her husband, suddenly and not long after her arrival at King’s, and how she responded positively to the new challenges widowhood presented her.

Outside the school gates she was great social company and was a valued friend to many members of staff.
Veronica’s family have set up a Just Giving page in aid of the Choir that Veronica sang with for many years: the St Paul’s Knightbridge Festival Choir