Daniel Paul Hearsum (OK 1975) died April 7, 2021

Dan Hearsum, a native of Wimbledon, died from cancer a condition he hid from all but his closest friends. Dan leaves a wife, Jane and four children Louise, Sarah, Charles and Kate, and may be known to many OKs and others as he owned Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park, the well known wedding and conference venue. Dan worked hard all his life and was a keen yachtsman, tennis player and larger than life personality. He had a first career in property development and then built up a leading hospitality business.

All of us who were at Kings for the 9 years Dan was there will remember his strong personaity, his sense of fun, his extreme stuborness and his absolute integrity. This is a man who I never heard utter a nasty word about anyone. Mors Vincit Omnia

Thomas Ryves