Peter Maskell (OK 1958) died December 29, 2021

Peter (P.F.R.) Maskell and his wife Pauline have lived in the Limousin area of France for may years and, both being retired Science teachers, had become valued members of the local community. Pauline writes:

“I followed and assisited Peter’s career as we met on a university mountaineering club trip in 1961 and married in 1963;

“Peter took a B.Sc. Honours degree in Cheistry and Geology at Leicester University in 1961, and post-grauste teaching certificate the following year.

“He began his career by teaching Chemistry in Norway for a few months. His first fomal post was in Staffordshire at Brewood Grammar school as a Science teacher and a boarding house master. He moved to Leicestershire in 1963 to King Edward VI School as a Chemistry teacher and then to Oxfordshire to Littlemore Comprehensive school as head of the Science Department. In 1973 he moved to Ernulf school as Head of the Science faculty. He took Voluntary redundancy in 1996 due to reorganisation although he continued teaching in Cambridgeshire schools and as an advisor for Individual Studies, as a Open University tutor and as an examiner for Science until retirement in 2004. He continued teaching and advising as a volunteer after our move to France, teaching English to French people and as a Geology advisor on the Scientific Council for the Parc Naturel de Perigord et Limousin – amongst many other interests.

“Peter continued a wide range of interests throughout his professional career, playing rugby, organising school trips such as Geology, fell walking and camping, helping with Scouts and judo, sea fishing,choral singing, male voice and mixed. He sang in the Albert Hall with the thousand voices male voice choirs. His talents extended to Drama and the production of shows and operettas.

“His Educational development was not neglected. He headed a team for CSE Science, he was an examiner for Chemistry as a team leader for several University boards. He taught B.Sc science for the Open University, involving also Geology summer schools fieldwork. Whilst teaching at Ernulf school he took an M.Sc in Communication Technology.

“The centre of all his activities was the overall development of students of many ages, his enthisiasm developing each formal course as well as extracurricular activities to complement them. He has been in contact with many of these students until the present day.

“Throughout his busy life he was a loving and supportive father who involved our children in many of his activities.

Dr Pauline Maskell”

Peter Maskell
Peter Maskell