Barry Myers (OK 1956) died December 1, 2016

Barry Myers Obituaries

Myers died aged 79.

He directed many of the most memorable television advertisements of the 1970s and 1980s, among them the Olympus ad starring George Cole and David Bailey and the Cadbury’s Flake advert that showed a gypsy girl munching sensuously on the crumbly chocolate bar while strolling through a field of sunflowers. His other productions included a string ofnostalgic Hovis ads; the lavish “People’s Army” Smirnoff Black campaign and the commercial launching British Airways Club World.

Describing himself as “a film-maker who makes commercials”, Myers would vary the style and tone of his films, ranging from broad comedy to solemn portentousness, but they were distinguished by razor-sharp editing and a strong narrative. For his television work he won accolades from bodies around the world including the British Television Advertising Awards, the American Clios and the Cannes Lions.

Lean and wiry and with a combustible temper, Myers had a fearsome reputation for perfectionism, but he was popular in the industry, an entertaining lunch companion, and generous in his encouragement of younger directors.