David Stephenson (OK 1956) died August 19, 2023

I first met David in the fourth form of the junior school in September 1952.

As I had come up from the Junior School, I had a circle of friends and it was difficult for new boys to integrate. David, however, soon found favour with us and became popular with his passion for table tennis – often making him late for lessons.

At school, David was a talented athlete and a rugby player.
After leaving King’s, he joined Hawker Siddley at their factory in Kingston and later at their London office. After Hawker Siddley, he became a successful property developer.

He was a good golfer, squash player and loved fast cars and theatre. He was a good, generous, staunch friend and will be missed by those who knew him.

Married to Jane, he had a son and two daughters and lived between Twickenham and a home in Cornwall.

/ Paul Elkington (OK 1956)