Rugby: a Loss and a Win

Winchester 62 King’s 1XV 18 : King’s 2XV 78 Old Paulines 2XV 0

The 1XV is suffering from some serious injuries, not least that of Tom Dugarin who is out for the rest of the season, we wish him well. Without our first choice side this was always going to be a tough fixture away from home and so it proved to be. No excuses, the best side won !

The 2XV continue their winning ways and are developing a strong team ethic. Good effort. They play Old Mid-Whitgiftians at home this Saturday at 2.15pm.

Lyn Walton’s rock and roll band are still rolling after all these years and this Saturday’s gig (for Lindsey’s band the Rainmen) is from 8:30PM at the Adelaide, Park Road, Teddington (
Kelvin will be there if that encourages you to go!

I shall send out application forms for the Past Players lunch soon, it is on 28th March.

Darryl Druckman